50A Improved Trammel Head 50268

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  • Cast-Iron Bodies
  • 50A has an adjustable point for increased precision.
  • Through hardened steel divider points.
  • Reversible lock bolt allows choice of which graduated side of the blade faces the operator
  • Protractor heads are made of stable cast iron and finished with a choice of attractive black wrinkle finish or smooth black finish
  • Tempered steel blades with accurate, machine-divided graduations
  • A spirit level indicates when the base reference surface is level - a feature not usually available on comparable protractors
  • The heads are die cast with black wrinkle finish and have hardened, forged steel divider points
  • The points screw into the heads
  • Has an adjustable point


  • Point Size (in): 3, 2-1/2"
  • Point Size (mm): 75, 63mm
  • Includes: Adjustable) Includes 2 Heads, 2 Points, Pencil Socket


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    1SPRING, .149X.219X1.00X.035X902239-01
    2BLOCK #5002243-01
    3FRAME, ADJ. #50A02343-01
    6ARM, ADJUSTING02234-11
    7HOLDER, PENCIL02236-01
    8NUT, .140-4002345-01
    10SCREW, .140-40 SHDR X .250 LONG02240-01
    12POINT, 2 1/2"02241-01
    13POINT, 3"02242-01
    14SCREW, .187-32 THUMB X .593 LONG13797-02


    Catalog 33 - Section 14 - Calipers, Dividers, and Trammels

    Manufacturing calipers and dividers since about 1890, we continue to build them with the same level of quality today. Even with many more options available today, these tools are still the best choice for many measurement transfer, scribing and other jobs. We also offer trammel heads, divider points and attachments.

    Precision Hand Tools (Catalog 33)

    612 page catalog featuring precision hand tool, force measurement, vison systems, optical comparators, laser measurement, and flat stock.