795SCM SmartCable Gage Mux 69892

795SCM SmartCable Gage Mux , makes it fast and easy to connect a measuring tool to Starrett 7212, 7613 Gage Multiplexers and the RMS 2704 Remote Display.

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  • Simple plug and play set up - doesn't require software configuration


  • For Use With: 795 Series Digital Micrometers
  • Length: 6'
  • Connects To: 7612 and 7613 Gage Multiplexers, RMS2704 Remote Display


    7612 and 7613 4 Port GageMux USB (Bulletin 394)

    Datasheet stating the product overview of all important information, features, and specifications.

    Catalog 33 - Section 8 - Data Collection Systems

    DataSure® Wireless Data Collection is a state-of-the-art system for realtime collection and recording of measurement data. From measurement to input, it reduces steps, saves time and can completely eliminate error in the data collection process. We also offer several newer technology products for wire-based data collection, SmartCable for single tools and the 4-Port Gage Multiplexer.

    Precision Hand Tools (Catalog 33)

    612 page catalog featuring precision hand tool, force measurement, vison systems, optical comparators, laser measurement, and flat stock.