For more than 130 years, manufacturers worldwide have depended upon precision tools from the L.S. Starrett Company to ensure the consistent quality of their products. The most demanding craftsmen and professionals know that the Starrett name on a measuring tool, band saw blade, or hand tool means quality, exceptional service and expert technical assistance.


Starrett Hole Saws

The Starrett® name on a saw blade, hand tool or measuring tool ensures exceptional quality, innovative products and expert technical assistance. This catalogue features hole saws and accessories most widely used on a jobsite or in a workshop environment.


Starrett Precision Tools

Starrett world famous professional quality calipers, gauges, indicators, micrometers and precision shop tools.


Starrett Knife Brochure

All Starrett® Professional knives Line are certified by the NSF, an international organization renowned in the development of specific standards for the public health and environmental protection. Starrett® professional knife handles are ensured by Sanitized® Antimicrobial protection. 


Starrett Band Saw Blades for Food Production

Starrett®’s full range of food production quality Band Saw blades.


Starrett Food Division

Starrett professional butchers knives, steels, sharpening stones, accessories and a full range of food quality bandsaw blades.


Starrett Kwik-Change Arbor

Attach the arbors to all regularly used hole saws. Change between different sizes of saw at the push of a button! Push the button on the arbor and pull the hole saw down the pilot drill. Pull back the chrome collar on the chuck to change the pilot drill.


Starrett Laser Distance Meters

With three models, the new line of Starrett®’s Laser Distance Meters ensures agility, quality and accuracy in various types of measurement, even in hard-to-access areas.