Fixed Gage Standards
Fixed Gage Standards include a comprehensive choice of standard gages that quickly check dimensions on a variety of workpieces. They are very useful for in-process and final inspection. Products include pin gages, drill gages, sheet and wire gages, center gages, screw pitch gages, radius gages, ball and diameter gages, angle gages, thickness gages and feeler stock.
Drill & Wire Gages

Drill & Wire Gages test the outside diameter (OD) of product and tooling like drill taps and wire dimensions.…

Radius Gages

Radius gages measure radius part features.

Angle Gages

Angle gages measure part angles to a reference surface.

Screw Pitch Gages

Screw pitch gages measure a variety of screw pitch types in English and metric units.

Thickness Gages

Thickness Gages measure the thickness of a gap, recess, or other internal dimension. They are also used in clearance work as precision shims.…