Hardness & Surface Roughness Testers
The hardness or texture (roughness) of a surface can be important to the performance or usage of a component for a variety of reasons. Starrett has added to and updated its tester line significantly in recent years. Our bench hardness testers range from relatively simple analog models to electronic versions with broad capabilities. We also offer several portable hardness testers, new surface roughness testers, an electronic durometer, an ultrasonic thickness gage and a full range of test blocks and accessories.
Portable Hardness Testers

Hardness Testers in this category utilize more innovative and portable devices to measure the effective hardness of a variety of materials using a variety of hardness scales.…

Surface Roughness Gages

Surface Roughness Testers measure the micro-irregularities (roughness) of a given material.

Durometers, Ultrasonic Thickness Gages, and Coating Thickness Gages

Starrett offers a complete line of dimensional and non-dimensional metrology measurement devices that contain the latest in contact and ultrasonic technology.