120AM-150 Dial Caliper 66295

The Starrett 120M Series Dial Calipers are the only American made dial calipers. These calipers are used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. Features include direct reading, ease-of-handling, reliability and accuracy making these one of the handiest measuring tools available. This series features white dial, 0-150mm range, and 0.02mm graduations. 150mm, yellow Dial, Fitted Plastic Case.

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  • Only American Made Dial Caliper
  • Direct reading, reliable and accurate
  • Sharp, clear dial graduations
  • Sharp, black graduations on the satin finished bar
  • Knife-edge contacts for both inside and outside measurements
  • One hand use with the thumb-operated, fine adjustment roll
  • Lock screw for dial bezel and Lock screw for holding sliding jaw in position
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
  • Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
  • Covered rack depth rod


  • Range (mm): 0-150mm
  • Graduations (mm): 0.02mm
  • Revolution Range (mm): 2mm
  • Construction Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Color: Yellow
  • Inside Jaw Depth (in): 5/8"
  • Inside Jaw Depth (mm): 16mm
  • Outside Jaw Depth (in): 1-1/2"
  • Outside Jaw Depth (mm): 38mm
  • Case Type: Plastic
  • Accuracy (mm): +/-.03mm


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    10BAR, 150MM #120ANOT AVAILABLE1
    20PLATE,SLIDE COVER26548-01
    30SPRING, SLIDE GIB19021-01
    40GIB, SLIDE19022-01
    50SCREW, #3-56 SET X .125 LONG19214-01
    60STUD, FINE ADJUSTING19020-01
    70SCREW, #3-56 LOCK X .223 LONG19024-01
    80RACK, #120AM26549-01
    90SCREW, 1/16-64 SLOT X .065 LONG19051-06
    100CASE, #12019234-01
    110SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .082 LONG06839-02
    120SCREW, 1/16-64 SLOT X .085 LONG10956-04
    130SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .128 LONG07061-02
    140SPRING, DETENT22080-01
    150•RACK PINION ASSEMBLY26553-01
    170•GEAR, A.B. #120-1219229-01
    180PINION, HAND19230-01
    190BRIDGE, #120M19231-01
    200SCREW, .042-120 FHCS X .094 LONG05465-01
    210O-RING, RETAINING23534-01
    230DIAL, #120 METRIC27070-01
    240HAND, #12019035-01
    250•BEZEL, #12019042-01
    260•CRYSTAL, #12019043-01
    270CLAMP, BEZEL LOCK19046-01
    280SCREW, #2-64 CLAMP X .417 LONG19047-01
    290SCREW, #3-56 SET X .156 LONG19023-01
    320STOP PAD27366-01
    330JAW, SLIDING #120-150NOT AVAILABLE(2)1
    340SCREW, 042-12022239-01
    350CASE ONLY, PLASTIC 120/723PT248901


    2D Dimensional Drawing (PDF)



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