124BZ Solid -Rod Inside Micrometer Set 50546

The Starrett 124 Solid -Rod Inside Micrometer Sets are the most popular inside micrometers because of their lightness, ease of use, and range. They are very useful for measuring inside diameters of cylinders and rings and measuring parallel surfaces. The desired range is obtained by assembling rods and spacing collars to the micrometer head. Measuring rods are provided with a shoulder that is set accurately in the micrometer head and locked in position. When assembling rods to the A and B heads, the reading line on the micrometer head should be lined up with the marking on each rod (except for the 50-75mm (2-3") rods). Rod diameters are approximately 6mm (1/4") on the A and B sizes, and approximately 8.5mm (11/32") on the C size. Each rod has individual length adjustment for the anvil by means of special wrenches furnished. 2-12" Range, .001" Grad, 10 Measuring Rods with Case.

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  • Insulated rods marked with length
  • Adjustable for length
  • Measuring rods are solid
  • Hardened and ground anvils
  • Quick-reading figures
  • 6-1/2" (165mm) long handle is available (124H)


  • Micrometer Type: Inside Micrometer Set
  • Range (in): 2-12"
  • Graduations (in): .001"
  • Measuring Rods (qty): 10
  • Spacing Collars: One 1/2"
  • Case Type: Padded Case
  • Accuracy (in): Lead accuracy +/-.0001" per inch


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    2•NUT, .375-5217071-01
    3•BODY,ENGLISH #124A B17073-01
    4••HANDLE, SHORTPT01546A1
    5••SCREW, .110-52 LOCK X .186 LONGPT015461
    6•SHELL, OUTSIDE 01535-01
    7•SPINDLE SCR, .297-4017077-01
    8•CAP, SHELL01539-01
    9COLLAR, SMALLPT015791
    10ROD W/ANVIL 2-3"PT991911
    11ROD W/ANVIL 3-4"PT991921
    12ROD W/ANVIL 4-5"PT991931
    13ROD W/ANVIL 5-6"PT991941
    14ROD W/ANVIL 6-7"PT991951
    15ROD W/ANVIL 7-8"PT991961
    16ROD W/ANVIL 8-9"PT991971
    17ROD W/ANVIL 9-10"PT991981
    18ROD W/ANVIL 10-11"PT991991
    19ROD W/ANVIL 11-12"PT992001
    20WRENCH #3PT015261
    21POINT WRENCH, #124PT191771
    23ROD PT W/NUT, #124PT076181NOT SHOWN