159M Screw Pitch Gage 50591

The Starrett 159M Screw Pitch Gage includes a locking device, 28 leaves, and 0.5-11.5mm range. 60 Deg Threads.

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  • Includes 28 leaves
  • Locking device and 60 degree center gage
  • 0.5-11.5mm Range


  • Range (TPMM): 0.5-11.5mm
  • Locking Device: Yes
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Leaves: 28


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    1LEAF, 1.00MM PITCH01710-11
    2LEAF, 1.50MM PITCH01710-1 1/21
    3LEAF, 2.50MM PITCH01710-2 1/21
    4LEAF, 3.00MM PITCH01710-31
    5LEAF, 3.50MM PITCH02437-3 1/21
    6LEAF, 4.00MM PITCH02437-41
    7LEAF, 4.50MM PITCH02437-4 1/21
    8LEAF, 5.00MM PITCH02437-51
    9LEAF, 7.00MM PITCH01710-71
    10LEAF, 7.50MM PITCH02437-7 1/21
    11LEAF, 8.00MM PITCH02437-81
    12LEAF, 8.50MM PITCH02437-8 1/21
    13LEAF, 9.00MM PITCH02437-91
    14LEAF, 10.0MM PITCH02437-101
    15LEAF, 10.5MM PITCH02437-10 1/21
    16LEAF, 11.0MM PITCH02437-111
    17LEAF, 11.5MM PITCH02437-11 1/21
    18LEAF, 6.50MM PITCH01710-6 1/21
    19LEAF, 9.50MM PITCH02437-9 1/21
    20LEAF, .50MM PITCH01710-1/21
    21LEAF, .75MM PITCH01710-3/41
    221.10MM SCREW PITCH GAGE LEAF01710-11/101
    23LEAF, 1.25MM PITCH01710-1 1/41
    24LEAF, 1.75MM PITCH01710-1 3/41
    25LEAF, 2.00MM PITCH01710-21
    26LEAF, 5.50MM PITCH01710-5 1/21
    27LEAF, 6.00MM PITCH01710-61
    28GAGE, CENTER 6007731-601
    29CASE, FRONT12236-01
    30CASE, BACK13087-01
    32NUT, .125-4018259-01
    33NUT, .125-4012230-01


    2D Dimensional Drawing (PDF)



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