178MB Fillet or Radius Gage, Millimeter Reading, 7.5-15mm Range (Concave and Convex), 0.5mm Increments, 32 Leaves 50667

The Starrett 178 Series Fillet or Radius Inch Reading Gages are very useful for tool and diemakers, machinists, screw machine operators, patternmakers and other mechanics to lay out and check radii of tools, dies, patterns, and more. 32 Leaves, 7.5-15mm Range, 0.5mm increments.

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  • Very useful for tool and diemakers, machinists, screw machine operators and patternmakers to lay out and check radii of tools, dies, and patterns
  • Made of nicely finished, high quality steel
  • 7.5-15mm concave and convex reading
  • Includes 32 leaves


  • Range (mm): 7.5-15mm
  • : 0.5mm
  • Number of Leaves: 32


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    1CASE, FRONT12247-01
    2CASE, BACK13087-01
    3NUT, .125-4018259-01
    4NUT, .125-4012230-01
    7LEAF, CONCAVE 7.5MM07740-11
    8LEAF, CONCAVE 8.0MM07740-21
    9LEAF, CONCAVE 8.5MM07740-31
    10LEAF, CONCAVE 9.0MM07740-41
    11LEAF, CONCAVE 9.5MM07740-51
    12LEAF, CONCAVE 10.0MM07740-61
    13LEAF, CONCAVE 10.5MM07740-71
    14LEAF, CONCAVE 11.0MM07740-81
    15LEAF, CONCAVE 11.5MM07740-91
    16LEAF, CONCAVE 12.0MM07740-101
    17LEAF, CONCAVE 12.5MM07740-111
    18LEAF, CONCAVE 13.0MM07740-121
    19LEAF, CONCAVE 13.5MM07740-131
    20LEAF, CONCAVE 14.0MM07740-141
    21LEAF, CONCAVE 15.0MM07740-161
    22LEAF, CONVEX 7.5MM07741-11
    23LEAF, CONVEX 8.0MM07741-21
    24LEAF, CONVEX 8.5MM07741-31
    25LEAF, CONVEX 9.0MM07741-41
    26LEAF, CONVEX 10.0MM07741-61
    27LEAF, CONVEX 10.5MM07741-71
    28LEAF, CONVEX 11.0MM07741-81
    29LEAF, CONVEX 11.5MM07741-91
    30LEAF, CONVEX 12.5MM07741-111
    31LEAF, CONVEX 13.0MM07741-121
    32LEAF, CONVEX 13.5MM07741-131
    33LEAF, CONVEX 14.0MM07741-141
    34LEAF, CONVEX 14.5MM07741-151
    35LEAF, CONCAVE 14.5MM07740-151
    36LEAF, CONVEX 9.5MM07741-51
    37LEAF, CONVEX 12.0MM07741-101
    38LEAF, CONVEX 15.0MM07741-161