237M Steel Rule Depth Gage 51081

These very handy depth gages can be used to quickly obtain measurements in 64th of an inch or 1/2mm by simply adjusting the rule to the required depth. 0-150mm Range, mm/1/2mm.

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  • The gage consists of a nicely finished, hardened steel head and an accurate, machine divided, tempered steel rule
  • These rules are either our 610N (6 inch) or our 635N (150mm) models
  • Gage can be smoothly adjusted to the required measurement and then locked into position by a knurled nut
  • Base is cut out on one side, adjacent to the rule, permitting easier readings and more accurate measurement
  • 6" hook rule (236HC, ) also available, permitting readings from the edge of a workpiece to the edges of slots and shoulders. Graduated in 32nds, 64ths


  • Range (mm): 0-150mm
  • Graduations (mm): mm,1/2mm


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