269MA Taper Gage 56031

The Starrett Taper Gage features 0.02mm graduation, 2-12mm range and 10 leaves. 2-12mm Range, 64mm Length, 10 Leaves.

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  • These gages are for determining hole sizes in dies and all kinds of other work
  • Quick, accurate measurement of hole and slot sizes
  • Made of tempered steel with a locking device for fixing any leaf in position for use
  • 2-12mm


  • Range (mm): 2-12mm
  • Length (in): 64mm
  • Number of Leaves: 10


    Catalog 33 - Section 15 - Hole Gages, Slot Gages

    We offer several varieties of small hole gage sets as well as telescoping gages for larger holes. Our taper gages are inserted into a hole or slot, with the diameter determined by the reading on the tool's etched scale.

    Precision Hand Tools (Catalog 33)

    612 page catalog featuring precision hand tool, force measurement, vison systems, optical comparators, laser measurement, and flat stock.