3900M-5 Electronic Indicator 72537

The 3900 Series Electronic Indicator has simple, powerful, easy-to-use functions, all at an attractive price. The 3900M-5 metric version has a 12.5mm range, 0.01mm Resolution and a 8 mm stem diameter and a M2.5 X .45 spindle thread. Ships with lug-on-center back installed, and includes a flat back as an accessory, along with a plastic storage case.

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  • Long battery life
  • Simple, powerful, easy-to-use functions, all at an attractive price
  • Plastic storage case with clear cover
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD
  • Lug-on-center back + additional flat back
  • Zero setting at any position
  • Power On / Off button
  • Reverse travel ( control indicates direction)
  • 8mm diameter stem
  • M2.5 X .45 spindle thread


  • Range (mm): 12mm
  • Resolution (mm): 0.01mm
  • SPC Output: No
  • Stem Diameter (mm): 8mm
  • Accuracy (mm): .025


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