700A Inside Micrometer Caliper 52909

Caliper-type jaws permit quick inside measurements. Jaws are hardened and ground on a radius for accurate feel without cramping. .200-1.200" Range, .001" Grad, Friction Thimble, Lock Screw cramping.

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  • Quick inside measurements
  • Satin chrome reading surface is glare free and resists rust
  • Jaws are hardened and ground
  • Smooth friction thimble
  • Lock screw


  • Micrometer Type: Inside Micrometer Caliper
  • Range (in): .200 - 1.200"
  • Graduations (in): .001"
  • Accuracy (in): +/-.0002"


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    10JAW,INNER/OUTER #70009745-01
    20SPINDLE, OUTER JAW19452-01
    30SHELL, ADJUSTING08969-01
    40SHELL, FRICTION SA26198-01
    50SCREW, .157-40 SET X .094 LONG06388-01
    60KEY, LOCATING #70006566-01
    70NUT, #4-4819160-02
    80SPRING, BARREL10058-01
    90CAP, END06567-01
    100WRENCH #3PT015262
    110SPINDLE, INSIDE MIC19450-01
    120NUT, .375-52PT164141
    130CAP, SHELL FRICTION05048-01
    140SCREW, .157-40 SLOT X .377 LONGPT051361
    150SCREW, .100-56 LOCK X .250 LONGPT092611


    2D Dimensional Drawing (PDF)



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