73B-12 Yankee Spring-Type Calipers, Inside, 12" Size and Capacity, Quick-Spring Nut, Flat Leg 50343

Starrett 73 Series "Yankee" Spring-Type Inside Calipers with Flat Legs and Quick-Spring Nut are made from a high-grade steel and well-finished. The legs are made of flat stock and are very durable. Calipers feature a hardened fulcrum stud, strong and flexible bow string, and centrally located leg adjustment to assure smooth action. Caliper size and capacity is 12". 12" (300mm) with Quick-Spring Nut Caliper size and capacity is 12".

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  • Starrett Yankee Calipers and Dividers are made from a high-grade steel and well-finished
  • The bow spring, although flexible, is exceedingly strong to assure reliability
  • All sizes are available with either spring nut or solid nut
  • The Starrett quick-adjusting automatic-closing spring nut is designed for making fast, positive adjustments
  • Fulcrum stud is hardened and has a smooth bearing surface
  • The legs are made of flat stock and are very durable
  • The threads of the nut firmly engage the screw at the slightest pressure from the leg
  • When the pressure is withdrawn, the nut automatically releases itself, sliding freely over the screw


  • Type: Inside
  • Size and Approximate Capacity (in): 12"
  • Size and Approximate Capacity (mm): 300mm
  • Joint Type: Spring-Type
  • Leg Style: Flat Leg
  • Nut Style: Quick-Spring Nut


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    10LEG, RIGHT INSIDE #73-1200006-BR2
    20STUD, LEFT18714-01
    30CAP, STUD-LEFT18715-01
    40STUD, RIGHT18712-01
    50CAP, STUD-RIGHT18713-01
    60BOW #73-800082-01
    70CAP, SCREW FINISH00034-1/21
    80WSHR,.196X.370X.237, CUP00038-3/41
    90SPRING NUT HEAD S.A.00037-01
    100PIN, .063X.37518716-01
    110ROD, .190-26 SCREW00092-E1
    120FULCRUM STUD #83-800086-01


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