98-6 Machinists Level with Ground and Graduated Vial 50441

The Starrett 98 Machinists Level with Ground and Graduated Vial includes a cross test vial. 150mm (6") size, without case.

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  • Ground and graduated main vials
  • The base of the levels features an involute groove running the length of the base, which provides a reliable seat for round work
  • Cross test vial
  • The vials are adjustable to a positive setting and are housed in a satin finished brass tube with a friction-fit closing cover to prevent breakage
  • Main level vials have graduations that are approximately 80-90 seconds or .005" per foot (0.42mm per meter)


  • Length (in): 6"
  • Length (mm): 150mm


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    10BASE #97 #98-6NOT AVAILABLE1
    20TUBE, OUTSIDE 6"01987-01
    30TUBE, INSIDE 6"01987-1/21
    40END PLUG, PLAIN14922-P1
    50END PLUG, C/SUNK14922-C1
    60VIAL, 2 1/2X.46515026-01
    70TEFLON STRIP, SHORT24770-02
    80SCREW, .200-40 SLOT X .631 LONG14364-01
    110STUD, ADJUSTING14367-01
    120NUT, .200-4014368-02
    130PLUG, EXPANSION17816-01
    140VIAL, 9/32X13/1613260-01


    2D Dimensional Drawing (PDF)



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