99195-05-02-3/4 Intenss Blade

Bi–metal blade with M42 high speed steel cutting edge welded to a fatigue resistant alloy steel backing. Resists heat, abrasion and shock for faster cutting rates over a wide range of materials. Suitable for horizontal machines and light–duty vertical machines. INTENSS is the blade of choice for contour and general purpose cutting, ideal for toolrooms and maintenance shops.

Band saw blades are welded to order and ship within 3 to 5 days

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    Intenss Band Saw Blades

    Intenss Band Saw Blades offer versatility for cutting a wide range of materials and profiles. They are fast cutting and extremely durable. Intenss is an excellent choice for MRO applications. Check out this document for more information!

    Bimetal saw blade SDS

    SDS Sheet for bimetal saw blades - Band Saw, Hole Saw, Jigs, Recips, Hack Saw, etc

    Starrett Band Saw Blades (Catalog 60)

    Starrett is the world's largest producer of saws. This catalog is a comprehensive overview of the various type of Band Saws produced and stocked by Starrett.