BU230X Multi Purpose Jig Saw Blade 68753

Multi-Purpose Bi-metal Jig Saw Blade 2" Coarse CG 5UN.

This product is no longer available in the United States or Canada. Please contact your local Starrett distributor for an alternate brand recommendation.

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  • Application Description (Material): Multi-Purpose
  • Coarse: Coarse Carbide Grit
  • Dimensions LxWxT (mm): 50 x 7,5 x 1,0mm
  • Dimensions LxWxT (in): 2 x 5/16 x .040"
  • Card/Blister (2 blades): No
  • Master Carton Box (6 pack): No
  • Card/Blister (5 blades): Yes
  • : Yes
  • Plastic Tube (20 blades): No
  • Plastic Tube (50 blades): No


    Application Guide Jig Saw Blades (Form 959)

    Trifold application guide for jig saws, listing each product and providing a diagram of what each blade/ saw is capable of.

    Bi-Metal Unique (Bulletin 1015)

    Starrett has broken the boundaries of bi-metal bonding technology with a manufacturing process called ""BI-METAL UNIQUE"". This document outlined the process and benefits of this Starrett-exclusive technology.