BU4 - Jig Saw Blade Kit 11974

Unified Shank Assortment Pack: Includes one each:BU36, BU46, BU310T, BU3DC, BU2DCS, BU41014,BU214, BU214S, BU218, BU418, BU224, BU224S, BU424 and BU232

This product is no longer available in the United States or Canada. Please consider the recommended alternative.

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  • Starrett Unified Shank jig saw blades fit virtually all jig saw blade machines
  • Starrett bi metal Unique creates a blade with exceptionally strong teeth
  • An average of 25% more tool life when compared with existing bi metal blades
  • Shatterproof design, unbreakable during normal use


  • Application Description (Material): Unified Shank®
  • Jig Saw Blade Codes: BU36T; BU36; BU46; BU56; BU38; BU310T; BU310DT; BU2DCS; BU3DC; BU41014; BU214; BU214S; BU218; BU418; BU230X; BU224; BU224S; BU424; BU232
  • Clam (5 blades): No
  • Master Carton Box (5 pack): Yes
  • Plastic Pouch: Yes


    Starrett Saws and Hand Tools (Catalogue 71E)

    This 84 Page includes complete product information on Saws and Hand Tools, including Hole Saws and Accessories, Jigsaw and Reciprocating Saw Blades, Hack Saws, Tape Measures, Laser Distance Meters, Levels and Utility Bags for tool storage.