C251D Trammel Individual Attachments Only 51211

Starrett C251 Series Stell Beam Trammels and Attachments are rigid, well-designed trammels for layout, scribing, and measuring distances and circles. Each trammel features flattened top beam for claming and spring-friction to prevent sliding, and a knurled swivel grip for easier swinging when scribing circles. This model provides a maximum dividing range of 18", maximum circle scribing diameter range of 36" and beam size of 20". Coupling with extra 20" (600mm) Beam 20".

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  • Coupling, with Extra 20" (600mm) Beam (When used with C251C will scribe circle 72" [1800mm] diameter) For C251A, B, C


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    1BEAM, EXTRA LONG16323-01
    2COUPLING, #251PT990641
    4•SCREW, .231-28 HEX X .219 LONG02269-02
    5WRENCH #5802267-01