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CP505E-12 Electronic Combination Protractor 20939

The 12" Aluminum Combination Protractor is part of the popular ProSite 505 Protractor family that includes a 5-in-1 combination protractor performs miter cuts, single cuts, compound cut conversion table, protractor, and roof pitches.

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  • Provides direct readings for setting a saw for miter and straight cuts
  • Full protractor function with a choice of output and a full 360 Deg swing, horizontal straight cuts
  • Choice of output and a full 360 Deg swing, horizontal and vertical levels and a step by step guide including all calculations for crown molding work
  • Has a knob to lock in measurements


  • Type: Electronic Combination Protractor
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Length (in): 12"


    CP505E-12 Electronic Protractor User Guide (Form 970)

    This 2 page datasheet features step by step ionstructions on how to use Starrett Electronic Combination Protractors.

    CP505E-12 Electronic Combination Protractor (Bulletin 662)

    The CP505E-12 Electronic Protractor is a powerful, multi-function tool that takes the guesswork and errors out of a variety of jobs. Learn more in this single page datasheet!