KLMXP-100 100m Distance Laser Exact Plus Series 30172

The Exact® Plus Series Laser Distance Meter (range finder) model KLMXP-100 is the most advanced in the line. With Bluetooth® for connecting to Android and IOS operating systems, it provides quality and accuracy in an easy to handle, lightweight design.

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  • Measuring range of 100 meters
  • Laser Type 650 nm, class 2, <1mW
  • Multifunction (area and volume calculation)
  • 3 types of indirect measuring
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Maximum and Minimum
  • Stake out measuring
  • Angle measuring
  • 3-15 second timer
  • Measuring reference - front, back and extension
  • Ability to measure in meters, inches and feet


  • Type: Digital
  • Category: Tapeless
  • Length (ft): 330'
  • Length (m): 100
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Blade Material: Laser