KMX25061-N Smooth Cut Electrician's Hole Saw Kit 69926

This Electrician's Combination hole saw kit is produced with Starretts Fastcut bi-metal hole saws, triple chipped Tungsten carbide tipped saws and our exclusive Smoothcut cordless hole saws. The Smoothcut saws deliver vibration-free cutting action and extend the service life of battery operated tools. The combination of these various hole saw types allow the electrician to cut similar size holes through multiple materials. Materials include wood, metal, mild sheet steel, thin non-metallics, PVC , man-made building materials, fiberglass, and plaster board. Kit includes 14 bi-metal hole saws: 3/ 4'' (19mm), 7/8'' (22mm), 1-1/8'' (29mm), 1-1/4'' (32mm), 1-3/8'' (35mm), 1-3/4'' (44mm), 2'' (51mm) , 2-1/2'' (64mm), 2-11/16'' (68mm), 3'' (76mm), 3-5/8'' (92mm), 4-1/8'' (105mm), 4-1/2'' (114mm), 4- 3/4'' (121mm); eight carbide hole saws: 3/4'' (19mm), 7/8'' (22mm), 1-1/8'' (29mm), 1-3/8'' (35mm), 1-3/4'' (44mm), 2'' (51mm), 2-1/4'' (57mm), 2-1/2'' (64mm); three smoothcut hole saws: 3/4'' (19mm) , 1-1/8' (29mm), 1-3/8'' (35mm); two arbors: A1, A2; two carbide tipped pilot Drills XA014C, Arbor Adapter A12 Hole Saw Arbor Adapter, Ejector Spring A7

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  • Bi-metal, carbide tipped, and cordless smooth cut hole saws are combined in one kit, allowing user to cut similar size holes in a variety of materials
  • Bi-metal saws are manufactured with hardened heat resistant and positive rake high speed steel teeth welded to a durable alloy backing and cap
  • Carbide tipped saws provide superior performance on materials too hard or abrasive for conventional high speed steel saws
  • Smooth cut hole saws provide vibration free cutting action and extended service time of battery operated tools
  • Cutting Depth of 41mm (1.5/8")
  • Suitable for use in mains and battery operated tools


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