S167CZ Radius Gage Set Inch 50618

The Starrett S167 Radius Gage Inch Set includes 167A and S167B without Holder and also features 1/32-17/64" and 9/32-1/2" radii range, 64ths and 32nds increments, and 24 gages. SET, Combines Set Nos. S167A/S167B without 110 Holder.

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  • Allows radii or fillets to be checked or laid out easier, faster, and more accurately
  • Furnished with an attractive case, providing complete protection and easy, instant selection of the right gage size for the job
  • Made of satin finish stainless steel, rust and stain resistant
  • Each gage is clearly marked with its radius
  • Each gage has five different gaging surfaces for both convex and concave radii
  • Can be used with Starrett 110 holder which is useful for checking radii in confined or hard-to-reach locations


  • Range (in): 1/32-17/64"; 9/32-1/2"
  • Gages: 24
  • Increments: 64ths & 32nds
  • Material: Steel