S766AZ Electronic Tool Set - Inch Set (without Output) 12206

The Starrett S766A Electronic Tool Set without Output features a basic starter set for electronic measuring including a 6" / 150mm slide caliper and 1"/25mm micrometer. SET (without Output): EC799A-6/150 / 3732XFL-1 in Case.

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  • Starter sets for electronic measuring include slide calipers and 1"/25mm micrometers
  • Furnished in an attractive, protective case
  • 3732XFL-1 - 0-1"/0-25mm Electronic Outside Micrometer
  • 799A-6/150 - 0-6"/0-150mm Electronic Slide Caliper


    Set Contents
    Item #Part No.Description
    13732XFL-13732XFL-1 Inch/Metric Electronic Micrometer without Output
    2EC799A-6/150EC799A-6/150 Electronic Caliper


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