S830FZ Small Hole Gage - Set 53081

The Starrett 830 Small Hole Gage Set includes all gages that are only 2" (50mm) long, making them convenient to use in close quarters. SET of 5: One each of Nos. 830A/B/C/D/E, in Case quarters.

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  • Ideal for accurately measuring small holes, slots, grooves, and recesses
  • Precision Ground Radius on each gage provides two-point contact for maximum accuracy
  • Used for general work
  • Convenient to use in close quarters
  • Permits use in shallow holes, slots, and recesses
  • Well balanced
  • More accurate measurements
  • Case
  • Hardened-ball measuring surface with two-point contact
  • Half-ball with a flat bottom
  • Gages are only 2" (50mm) long
  • Smooth, sensitive adjustment
  • Adjustment of the gage beyond their range is restricted by a safety stop that prevents breakage


  • Range (in): .125-.500"
  • Range (mm): 3.2-12.7mm
  • Length (in): 2"
  • Length (mm): 50mm